1100s to 1200

In the 1100s, during the reign of Federico Barbarossa, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire the Personali family lived in Germany and took part in the Holy Crusades.

In the same century, the “Sons of Manfredo” from which the Pico family derived, built a Ghibelline tower near Modena – which would later become the current Villa La Personala.

1200s to 1300

Midway through the 1200s, they crossed the Alps and resettled in northern Italy, specifically in Bedulita, within the municipality of Bergamo, nestled in the beautiful Imagna Valley.
During their stay in Bedulita, they founded the small village known as “Case di Personé”, and their noble status was elevated to “counts” by the Emperor Arrigo VIII of Luxembourg, a figure notably mentioned in Dante Alighieri’s “Paradiso” in the “Divine Comedy.”

1300s to 1400

By the end of the 1300s, the Counts of Mirandola gave the tower and land to the Personali Counts. It was surrounded by a moat with a drawbridge which was then conjoined with new buildings that made up the villa.


The family settled in San Giacomo Roncole of Mirandola in 1472.
During this time, they integrated into the upper class of Modena society, establishing a close relationship with the influential Pico family, after whom the Mirandola Castle is named.

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